About us

Basse-Terre and Grande-TerreOur history begins in amazing country Guadeloupe. From high of bird’s flight her contours are reminded huge green butterfly, which peacefully sleeps on azure glassy surface of the Caribbean Sea. Butterfly’s wings: two island parts – Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre, and they are united by narrow neck of land, which becomes sufficiently wide channel during rising tide. Grande-Terre – it is plenty of gorgeous sand beaches, where many tourists aspire to rest from all over the world. Unforgettable impressions are left by wild green of virgin tropic jungles. Virgin nature, waterfalls and caressing sun…

ButterflyIn such way has appeared our symbol – Butterfly! Lightness, Grace, Beauty!

We, like small island Grande-Terre, will give you wonderful mood, which will grow into kindly memoirs; and also excellent health and charge of sprightliness. Our specialists will select necessary type of procedures and massage for you, taking into account physical features of your body.




beach"Salts" of our cozy island of beauty and health are natural products, which are used during the procedures: oils and extracts of plants, scrubs, tonics and essences, muds, loams and seaweeds… You can look at workshop of cosmetic "masterpieces".

One more pleasant surprise is Creole massage!!!

Visit us and pleasant surprises don’t make you a long wait.