The SPA - program "Komodo-paradise"

Winter... it is wonderful time, but the soul would like to be in warm summer, and body— to appear on a gold sand of an oceanic beach, carefree basking in pleasure waves... We can transfer you to this fine dreamland!

"Komodo-paradise" is a noise of waves and solar beams through palm leaves, it is island of pleasure and relax, this small miracle, which gives to you Grand-massage!

The SPA-program passes under sounds of waves and easy exotic aromas, gives feeling of calmness, composure, thus gently takes care after your skin. Pilling on the basis of dairy acid has anti-inflammatory, calming effect, gently peels the horny particles, tones up and strengthens, smooths wrinkles. The warm mix of aromatic oils, which are put by easy massage movements with special brushes, will present to you unforgettable sensations of weightlessness of a relaxation and easy luxury. Coco oil removes irritation, reddening, heals and carefully looks after a sensitive skin, while palm-oil softens and protects skin from winter colds. Also palm-oil — the richest source in the world of natural provitamin A (lipochrome), vitamin E (tocopherol and tocotrienol) and coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), which play in recovery of the person the most important role, because they are the strongest antioxidants protecting our organism from free radicals. The composition of essential oils will present gentle aroma — refined addition to procedure, and hydrolyzate of rice proteins will take off weariness and pressure.

Present to yourself a small part of paradise!

The program consists of:

  • Pilling
  • Light massage with brushes and applying of a cosmetic mix
  • Wrapping

The program "Komodo-paradise" (1 hour 10 minutes) — 800 UAH