The SPA-program "Tropical exotic"

With approach of autumn our organism naturally «postpones stocks» for a case of colds and frosts. The reason of it is the use of fatter food, decrease in quantity of fruit and vegetables – sources of vitamins, less active way of life. As result – extra pounds and a cellulite!

The toning up program of beauty is a wonderful preventive measures of "an orange crust». Pilling on the basis of the thermal water rich on microelements, in a combination with a citron bouquet and a wild orange, will gently clear and enrich a skin with oxygen, so got tired of clothes.

Wrapping with seaweed will fill an iodine stock in an organism, which takes direct part in synthesis of the hormones responsible for metabolism.

Aroma-massage and herbal medicine will add procedure by the healing properties. You will find dynamism and vital energy again!

The program consists of:

  • Pilling
  • Aroma-massage
  • Seaweed wrapping
  • SPA-music and herbal medicine

The program "Tropical exotic" (2 hours) — 1350 UAH